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Ozarks Football League Game Cancellation Policy

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Due to limited availability of football stadiums, officials will abide by OFL's game cancellation policy as outlined below:

OFL does NOT cancel games because of rain. Games will be delayed or cancelled if lightning enters the area. A Field Supervisor is present at every game and has access to a lightning meter. Should a supervisor detect lightning within an area deemed unsafe to continue play, a 20 minute delay will be called. All players, coaches and any other personnel will vacate the playing field. Spectators will be asked to seek shelter. During a delay, should lightning deemed at an unsafe distance, again be detected, the 20 minute delay will start over.

A maximum of two delays or one hour will be allowed. If a third delay is deemed appropriate, the game(s) will be cancelled. Games may be made up at a later date, as determined by OFL officials. If a game in progress reaches half-time before a cancellation, the score stands. If a game does NOT reach half-time before a cancellation is called, that game ends in a tie or scheduled for make-up.

Ozarks Football League's first priority is safe conditions for players, coaches and spectators.