Each Ozarks Football team consists of players in the 6th, 7th and 8th grade who will be attending the high school the team represents

Any student in 6th, 7th or 8th grade may join the team that represents their high school

OFL Testimonials

"Every other youth football league under USA Football in the U.S., knows about Ozarks Football League. Everywhere I go, I use OFL as the Gold Standard of which other programs are measured."

Billy Elmore
Master Trainer
USA Football Heads Up Program

I have done this a long time, coached a lot of kids (which means I am getting old) and I can tell you that your positive influence in the lives of young people and the sport of football is incredible. I am someone who knows, believe me, and I thank you sincerely for doing what you do!!!

We will always need to continue to develop players to be their very best in everything they do. OFL has been a tremendous advantage for us and I really appreciate all your efforts to provide this opportunity for young people! !!

Coach Mauk
Head Football Coach Glendale Falcons

"The Ozarks Football League has been a valuable asset to the football programs within the Springfield Public Schools. A huge thank you to Randy Little and his staff of coaches and volunteers for providing opportunities for our youth and promoting the sport of football in Southwest Missouri."

Mark Fisher
Former Director of Athletics
Springfield Public Schools

"I believe the OFL has given our Jr. high athletes a great opportunity to improve their football playing abilities. The OFL has filled a void that was desperately in need. It is an inexpensive way to improve their physical abilities as a football player, and also understanding the importance of playing with their future High School teammates. I would like to thank Randy for all of his work and dedication that he has given the Ozarks Football League."

Kurt Thompson
Former Head Football Coach
Kickapoo High School

"The Ozark Football League undoubtedly prepares and eases the transition of our local junior high athletes into their high school programs. Our players at Parkview who participated in the OFL enter our program ahead of the game, they have a great sense of pride in our program, they understand the basic concepts of our schemes, and they have been taught proper fundamentals. Due to these advantages we strongly encourage all junior high athletes within the Parkview feeder system to participate in the OFL."

Anthony Hays
Former Head Football Coach
Parkview High School Vikings

This is our first year, thank you for a great season and I can't say enough great things about this league!

Krista Richardson

I wanted to take the time to thank you and your staff for doing such an excellent job with the OFL this year. My son and his teammates enjoy reading the website and possibly seeing their names mentioned. I have been to several games and just impressed with the nice fields, officiating, etc. The kids seem to be really enjoying playing.

I also wanted to take the time to talk about one team in particular. My son plays for Catholic and they played Houston a couple weeks ago. I was very happy to see great sportsmanship from both teams during a hard fought game. One player in particular (#53 for Houston) showed a lot of class and I was very impressed. After the game, it was nice seeing the parents for our team shake the parents from Houston. We all enjoyed it.

So, thank you for doing all this for the kids! I am from Memphis, TN and we did not have this while I was growing up. My son just loves it.

Great job!
OFL parent

I just made a donation on your web site at the FIELD GOAL level. I am proud of what OFL has accomplished for football in the OzarksÖespecially for teams like Springfield Catholic which has no 7th or 8th grade programs. Springfield Catholicís Varsity Coach Bobby Cornelison says OFL has helped his program significantly. Good luck on the upcoming season!

James E. Bureman, OD
Managing Partner
Missouri Eye Institutes

We had 5 Freshmen get significant playing time this past season. Their OFL experience help to assure they were ready to contribute.

Coach Bobby Cornelison
Head Football Coach
Springfield Catholic High School Fightin' Irish

"Growing up we created different ways to play football in our off-seasons. Even though I was on basketball or baseball teams during the summer, I still thought about football every day. Being able to play structured football throughout different periods during the year will help young players develop a passion and love for the game, while building basic fundamentals that are needed to succeed on the field. The OFL offers these young student-athletes that opportunity."

Steven Warren, President and Founder of D.R.E.A.M. is a graduate and former college student-athlete from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln with a degree in Sociology. After leaving Nebraska, Steven went on to play several years for the NFLís Green Bay Packers, and the AFLís San Jose Sabercats and Arizona Rattlers.

"The OFL gives middle school athletes the opportunity to learn some basics of football at an opportune time. They also get the added benefit of learning the system of the high school they are planning to attend. This makes the transition to high school football less intimidating. They also get the opportunity to get to know some of their future teammates they may not have participated with at the middle school level."

Wes Beachler
Head Football Coach
Republic High School

"The OFL gives our 7th and 8th grade athletes from Hickory Hills and Pershing the opportunity to play together for the first time. The OFL Falcons coaching staff works closely with the Glendale Falcons coaching staff to ensure continuity between the programs. Players are learning the same techniques and plays the Glendale Falcons use. Athletes that participate in the OFL program will be well prepared for high school football."

Joel Heman
Former Head Football Coach
Glendale High School

WOW!! Thank You and the OFL so very much for all your support and for helping guide and teach our young men about the game we love so much, Football.

Edward D. Howerton
President, Parkview Football Booster Club

"I am so proud of those boys!! Skill takes you far, heart takes you all the way!! Very thankful for OFL and what the league has done for our son. Our experience has been nothing short of amazing! Thank you, from the Hall family!"

I just wanted to commend the Ozarks Football League on being a wonderful organization. This is the first time my son, Sky, has played football and even though he was in sixth grade and didnít play much, he absolutely loved it. I have been involved in youth sports for many years through community organizations and I have to say that the way the OFL is run is phenomenal. The level of communication between coaches and players, either on the field or through e-mail, was great. I was glad to see how our coaches made an effort to get everyone into the game. The concessions were well run and very affordable.

Thanks for a great time. Plan to do it again next year.

OFL parent

Hope all is well. I'm writing to update you on a couple of OFL alumni achievements this past weekend.

The National Underclassmen Combine (a Rivals event) was held in Kansas City this past weekend with a tremendous OFL representation.

Participating at the Sophomore level were David Randall and Dakota Brake. Juniors included Alumni OFL players Riley Shantz, Trevor Vaughn, Sam Gipson, and Kyle Spain ALL OFL players represented very well in testing, position drills and one on ones. Dakota Brake was awarded the Defensive Line MVP for the Sophomore class. Trevor Vaughn was awarded Combine King and Fastest Man at the Junior level. These two players earned an automatic invitation to the ultimate 100 combine later this summer. As well as the OFL represented I would not be at all surprised if a few more players get at large invites to the U100. I have to believe this is the best representation from Springfield schools at an event such as this and the majority of the Springfield contingent were OFL alumni. If you choose to post or publish this online you might check with Trevor on his details and permission to post, but I give you the go ahead and permission on Dakota's portion of the news.


Troy Brake

Anthony Cooper, current freshman at Kickapoo and 2010 8th grade OFL Quarterback MVP, attended the Underclassman Combine in Kansas City earlier this month and has been invited back to attend their Ultimate 100 Camp later in the summer. Anthony really enjoyed his time with OFL! Thank you for providing the opportunity for the kids to play an extra season of football and get to know who they will play with in high school, it really makes a difference.

OFL parent

Big transition from Mighty Mites...haha...actually it is a better transition...I have to say I am thankful for this program and actually feel the kids get a better understanding that sports are something you have to work hard at and play twice as hard at. It's not just passed to you since everyone deserves it.

Again thanks for everything!!!!

OFL parent

I just wanted to tell you that we are have fun and my son Lucas is loving the game, thanks to OFL. Keep up the great work!!

OFL parent

It's nice that this organization has been so open about everything. I didn't realize there was cost involved for the facilities and staff. I appreciate each and every person involved helping our boys. The boys absolutely love this football program.

Please let the coaches and staff know how truly appreciated they are.

OFL parent

No questions, I just wanted to say that, with the space and time constraints that you have, you all are doing some great things. Keep it up.

OFL parent

Thank you very much Ozarks Football League. Your program is already having a positive impact on my son. For the first time in months he brought home his science and math books so that I could help him study for a test in order to bring his grades up so that he can play FOOTBALL. My son lives and breathes for football in which your scholarship assistance has made his dreams of playing the game possible.

OFL parent

"We just returned from the Missouri University Football camp and I would like to take a minute or two to give a tremendous amount of credit to the OFL and playing ball in the spring.

Dakota went to the camp and it was intense, three hard practices a day, full pads and full contact, finishing with scrimmages and "Tiger Challenges". As an incoming Freshmen he was the youngest of the players on the field and played with 9-11th graders. Incoming Seniors are separate for the most part for obvious reasons, no better time to get a look. Playing OFL gave him a huge advantage over the kids that had not played ball since last November for the most part.

The Coaches of Dakota's renegade team were from William Jewell and quickly had him starting at a hybrid position playing defensive end and linebacker. OFL had him in game ready condition on day one and he had an unbelievable camp.

Dakota's team, the Renegade Bengals, a group of kids not signed up with a high school team as a whole, played great together. The Bengal team scored every time on the Tiger Challenge (start at the 10 with 3 plays to score) and denied the opposing team everytime.

Dakota lead in tackles and had two interceptions from the linebacker spot. In fact in the "Friday Night Lights" playing on Faurot field he was responsible for a full one-half of all the stops. Not too shabby for a freshmen.

I give all the credit for his sharpness on the field to OFL for allowing him to play and stay sharp in the spring as opposed to the other players that didn't have that opportunity. Even as Soph. and Juniors they could not get to that level in three days.

I only wish there were something similar for kids up to grade 12 to stay sharp and focused.

Thanks Randy, Charles, JE and Joel for your participation in OFL I think it can and will make a difference for the future of Springfield football."

Troy Brake

"I just wanted to say thank you. This is a great program, it gave me a chance to play some football and learn high school plays. I also had a lot of fun and met some good challenges. I wanna say thank you and look foward to playing high school football."

David Randall
#72 Falcons

"The Ozarks Football League, with its ratio of coaches to athletes provides these young athletes valuable technical instruction, a chance to play different positions, to learn new skills and the opportunity to compete in a highly competitive, well structured and regulated football environment. The OFL is a must for anyone wanting to play high school football!"

OFL parent

"Congratulations on such a successful first week! I was very impressed by the facility, concessions, and organization of the whole event. It is so refreshing to be involved in an event that was run very professionally. Thank you so much for all your hard work, and commitment to our young guys."

OFL parent

"Just a note to let you know how impressed we are with this program. We are new to the area and this was the first year our boy played football. We have another who will play next year. We are impressed with the organization, the quality of the coaches, the sportmanship and the great attitude that all of you have towards these young men. You do a terrific job for these boys!"

OFL parent

"OFL is a great a program and I learned a lot of football there. I also made friends there. It also gave me something to do this spring to stay in shape. Thanks for a good time."

OFL player

"My son played for the Parkview Vikings. He had a great time and learned a lot from the OFL. They are a great organization and really help players to learn what is expected of them and the joy of victory. Thanks so much for all the effort everyone puts into this program."

OFL parent

"I wanted to say THANK YOU for the awards night recognition and banquet. The food was wonderful, it was a great time to recognize the coaches and players.

We appreciate the OFL and all you do for the boys in Springfield and football."

OFL Parent

"I appreciate OFL for giving Carter (Spring 06') and Ben (Spring 06' & 07') a head start for HS Football. They both started and lettered for Irish Varsity Football last fall. It is a great program and a big help for Springfield Football. Keep up the good work."

OFL Parent

"I just wanted to let you know that all the coaches last night were great! I had a great time calling the games and the kids were incredible in their sportsmanship. We had no problems and I wish I could call all the games. We had a couple of mistakes on our end, but we worked really hard at keeping an open line of communication with the coaches and I thought they did an excellent job."

MSSHA Certified Referee

"Thank you (and the coaches) so much for all your hard work on this! My eighth grade son played football for the first time this past fall, and this spring experience has helped him learn the fundamentals better and prepare him for high school play."

OFL Parent

"...unfortunately, Kyle has already put in his 2 years in the OFL & is no longer eligible. We will sure miss it this year! Thank you for all your hard work & for making the OFL a 1st class experience!!"

OFL Parent

"Coach, thank you for taking the time to coach this team. You are an inspiration and role model for these boys. I believe you are exactly what some of them need. Keep up the good work."

OFL parent

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