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The USA Football Parent's Guide is a great way to indoctrinate parents on youth football. Click the button below.

Parent Guide
Quick Facts

The Ozarks Football League is and shall remain a member of USA Football, which is backed by the National Football League. Ozarks Football League is proud to be a part of the Head's Up program and has been named "The Gold Standard of youth football leagues in the U.S."

Each OFL team shall have a minimum of eighteen (18) players and a maximum of thirty-five (35) players.

Red Division will be made up of students in 5th, 6th grade. Blue Division will be made up of students in 7th and 8th grade.

OFL splits teams into two conferences, when team size and numbers dictate. Ozark Mountain Conference will consist of: Ozark Tigers, Nixa Eagles, Glendale Falcons, West Plains Zizzers, Waynesville Tigers, Mountain Home (Arkansas) Bombers, Rock Bridge Bruins and Kickapoo Chiefs. Ozark Valley Conference will consist of Central Bulldogs, Hillcrest Hornets, Springfield Catholic Fightin' Irish, Pleasant Hope Pirates, Parkview Vikings, Sparta Trojans and Houston Tigers.

Registration Fee

$185 Per Player (includes free league t-shirt)
Registration begins December 1, 2023. Registration must be done online.

Fees cover all player costs including insurance, helmet, shoulder pads, jersey, and mouth guard. Each participant MUST use helmet and shoulder pads issued by OFL unless previously approved by OFL management. Helmets or shoulder pads must not be altered in any way. Pants and football shoes (OFL approved) shall be the player's responsibility. Shoes should be short rubber cleats. Hard cleats or screw-on cleats will not be allowed.

All student athletes must play on the team that represents the high school they will be attending. All student athletes are welcome to join an OFL team. Home school and other parochial/private (non Springfield Catholic) may play on the team of their choice.

Student athletes shall not reach the following ages prior to July 1, 2023 preceding the opening of school. Grade five - 12 Grade six - 13 - Grade seven - 14 - Grade eight - 15


All OFL teams must be selected and paperwork completed by March 1, 2024. Deadline for registration is February 15, 2024 for all teams.

Each OFL game shall;

Be held on days or evenings, as high school stadiums become available. Games shall be played at JFK Stadium (Parkview High School), Glendale High School stadium, Hillcrest High School stadium, Kickapoo High School stadium, Harris Stadium (Central High School, Missouri State University Plaster Stadium or other approved stadiums.

Have a minimum of four MSHSAA officials. However, should an official be unable to perform his duties during a game, for any reason, the remaining officials will continue to officiate to game completion.

Have four (4) eight (8) minute quarters (Blue Division) and four (4) seven (7) minute quarters (Red Division)

Have a live stadium announcer

Have a live scoreboard

Have USA Football certified youth coaches

Have NOCSAE (National Operating Committee on Standards for Athletic Equipment) certified youth equipment

Abide by Springfield Public Schools Middle School football rules


Due to limited availability of football stadiums, officials will abide by OFL's game cancellation policy as outlined below:

OFL does NOT cancel games because of rain or snow. Games will be delayed or cancelled if lightning enters the area. Trainers are present at every game and have access to a lightning indicator. Should a trainer detect lightning within an area deemed unsafe to continue play, a 30 minute delay will be called. All players, coaches and any other personnel will vacate the playing field. Spectators will be asked to seek shelter. During a delay, should lightning deemed at an unsafe distance, again be detected, the 30 minute delay will start over.

A maximum of two delays or one hour will be allowed. If a third delay is deemed appropriate, the game(s) will be cancelled. If a game in progress reaches half-time before a cancellation, the score stands. If a game does NOT reach half-time before a cancellation is called, that game ends in a tie or scheduled for make-up.

Ozarks Football League's first priority is safe conditions for players, coaches and spectators.

Practice Schedule

(2-hour Maximum)

Please check with your team coach for your team's practice schedule as it may vary from team to team.

(Date to be announced) - Equipment fitting day for ALL OFL teams. Fitting will be held at Ozark Empire Fairground's E-Plex

Game Times, Locations & Teams on our Schedule page

Team standings may be viewed on our Home page

The top four ranked teams in Red Division and Blue Division will advance to the playoffs. The eight finalists will play one semi-final game and the remaining four teams will play a championship game for each color division (Red and Blue).

If a tie exists between ranked teams for playoffs, the following criteria will be used in order to determine the tiebreaker.

Win-Loss record

Head to head record

Least Points allowed (defense)

Football Rules

MSHSSA Rulebook may be viewed here